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Our official delivery partner for your food & beverage order is OUR W.I.TS. It is comprised of Kuchingnites own delivery runners.

Their humble story started back in the year of 2020 that resulted a lot of job loses due to the economic crisis cause by the pandemic.

They have successfully connect the people who have lost their job by giving them the opportunity to help the locals with their delivery requests. #stayathome #kitajagakita

Our group of runners that comprised of Kuchingnites are committed to solve your hunger needs at all times.


OUR W.I.TS. website

The starting rate is RM10 for their delivery services at their own website. However, that website services is only for delivery that is not available yet on Ratekid. One may consider it as personal runner service, that’s why the rate is higher. 


Food & beverages delivery will be handle by OUR W.I.TS. for Ratekid. We Kuchingnites strive to serve our own local people to the best of our ability. The starting rate is RM5 and increases depend on how far is the distance. All order will be sent within one hour limit.

Why use our services?

Ratekid offer both OUR W.I.TS. and local retailers a platform to help them transition to digital economy. In parallel with Ratekid core values “for Sarawakian and by Sarawakian,” by using our services you give the locals and Sarawak an opportunity to lead in the digital economy.