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It started with a strong passion.

The desire to improve our lives is our strongest motivation. The constant questions that we have on our minds to these days:

“Why can’t we get our products everywhere and every time we want?”

“Why craftmen who produce exceptional product don’t get the attention that they deserve?”

“Why can’t we perform our transaction everywhere we want and be more easier?”

We strongly believe transaction should be done in clicks. Exceptional products should be known and all information about the products should be made available to public.

We have decided to start this company not just solving problems but to provide endless opportunity to all the business we connect.

How We Empower Malaysia


To open up opportunities for all, regardless of races or background.

We empower and provide income opportunities to different group of people. It is our goal that people can be a better version of themselves.


To provide technologies solutions to improve and build safer, smarter cities.

Our continual improvement on technology infrastructure will solve and improve the limitations face every day at the cities.


To provide our planet through technological practice that maintain the environment.

We are introducing measures across our business and ecosystem to build a more sustainable future.

Interested to be part of our cause?